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Hello Columbia drivers, let's talk about your fuel system. Your vehicle fuel system encompasses everything it takes to get fuel from your tank to your engine. Starting with your fuel pump, which is located in the tank, there are the fuel lines, fuel filter, throttle assembly and fuel injectors.

When all of these parts are clean, fuel flows as it should, giving you good and strong engine performance. But when your fuel injectors, valves and fuel intake are clogged or gummed up, your vehicle engine doesn't run as efficiently, and performance will suffer.

Now the impurities in fuel just naturally gum stuff up over time. The government requires all fuel to have detergent in it to help clean your fuel system, but all fuel is NOT created equal. Columbia bargain fuels may just have the minimum amount of detergent to meet governmental requirements. Using good quality fuel that may have several times the minimum amount of detergent will help keep your vehicle fuel system clean and put off the day when a professional fuel system cleaning is needed.

If your vehicle has lost some of its zip or is sputtering a bit, it could be a dirty fuel system. Your friendly and knowledgeable pros at AJ's Automotive can check it out and tell you if it's time for a fuel system cleaning. Hey, let the fuel flow and the good times roll.

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AJ's Automotive
13 Colorado Avenue
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